17/7/20: The Second Drop is Here, plus Meet the Model and 'A Day in the Life...'

So, if you follow us on Instagram you will, we are sure (considering our relentless pandering), be aware that we have released some new flavours for you to taste. Being two weeks into our second drop, we could not be happier with how you guys have received it. After six hours we had already begun selling out of certain products in certain sizes. Then went the bucket hats, the dad caps and finally the sweatshirts, all within just ten days... we had never anticipated that the demand for our products would be so high and that the designs by us three lads would be on the heads, chests and backs of so many of you.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made orders and supported us. We are just a group of guys, messing around with some designs and putting them on clothes and we are so glad that you like them. And for those of you who missed out on any of our out of stock items, do not despair as we have some exciting news...

Product Restock

It being clear that some of you are sad to have missed out on getting your hands on our clothes, we have decided to do a restock of our items that have sold out. The Spellout Sweatshirt (pictured) will be available for pre-order until Friday, so head over to our website to grab yours now. We are also introducing an XS size for those of you who prefer their jumpers snuggly. Please note that we will only be printing as many jumpers as we have on order, so make sure to bag yours now to avoid disappointment.

And the good news doesn't end there... we will be restocking the Strawberry Dad Cap (pictured in the same picture, meta) shortly, so be sure to keep an eye on our Insta ( for updates on that.

A Word on Sustainability

Sustainability is a big deal to us at Yogurt Clothing, and we have taken every step possible to ensure that all of the clothes in our second drop are as green as possible. Our tees and jumpers are printed onto 100% organic and vegan-friendly cotton, stitched in Bangladesh (where it is grown) by workers who are paid a fair wage. The blanks are then sent directly to our embroiders in East Sussex or our printers in Manchester (both local to our team) where they are fulfilled to the highest of standards and picked up a few days later by ourselves. We then take them back to our workshop (Cam's shed) and sew the tags on ourselves.

We have been sure to minimise any single-use plastic by collecting our clothes in cardboard boxes and packing them in tissue paper with recycled & compostable poly-mailers. If you live locally to us, we try to hand deliver your order to you to cut out the extra petrol involved in posting things. If not, your order is sent via Royal Mail using second class postage in order to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible.

We're not trying to blow our own strawberry-shaped trumpet here, but we think it is important that our customers know the additional time, effort and cost that we go to in order to leave the greenest footprint possible on our planet. Also, we're just hoping Greta will read this and wear our bucket hat. We think it would suit her.

Meet the Model

As a celebration of the family and friends that made this drop possible, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to one of our models. You will recognise Max from such places as our website, our Instagram, or maybe from getting caught in those deep blue eyes on the streets of Fallowfield or Sevenoaks. Here is a little bit about what our brand means to him...

What is Yogurt to you?

"Yogurt Clothing is special to me for multiple reasons. Their style is steezy and their clothes are sustainable (a rarity in our fast fashion obsessed world). But the reason that Yogurt has become to mean so much to me, is because I am watching my mates do something they love, whilst doing a really sound job of it. The originality and energy surrounding Yogurt are values I struggle to find in many other small streetwear brands, and therefore witnessing their growth and success first-hand is something I find very special."

Tell us a bit about your day as model

"When I was asked by the Yogurt boys to model a few of the second drop fits, I was gassed. Spending the day with mates whilst seeing the new Yogurt merchandise before anyone else; what a treat. The day began in a fairly nostalgic manner, sitting outside the Tunbridge Wells Forum (a frequently visited location pre-corona) with a few drinks in hand, listening to music. The day could only run well from here, as we made our way through T Wells to find the most colourful shots we could. The addition of an old camcorder also produced some wavy video footage. After a few hours of marching through T Wells in our Cavi(tees) we decided to have a sit down and reflect on what was a truly wicked day."

Sum it all up for us

"Modelling for Yogurt made me realise even more how important it is to support local industry as well support your mates. Yogurt isn’t just another Instagram streetwear brand trying to make quick buck; Yogurt wants to have a positive impact on its customers, as well as the streetwear industry as a whole. Unique features such as personalised packaging, the Yogurt blog and hand drawn designs has allowed yogurt to create a community of its own. Every one of its customers is involved in Yogurt in some way or another, and I find that very special."

A Day in the Life of a Yogurt Picker

Imagine the scene...

Someone: "Ooow, I love your top. Where did you get it from?"

You: "This is the Cavi(tee). I got it from Yogurt Clothing!"

Someone: "Who the f**k are Yogurt Clothing?"

We get it. Trying to put our brand into words is hard. So to avoid awkward conversations like the one above, we created the short film, 'A Day in the Life of a Yogurt Picker', which should answer that question through the art of expressive montage to the music of Lukey Knuckles, who we spoke about in our last blog. Be sure to wave this under the noses of those who don't know. They'll know once they know.

That's about it from us this month. Be sure to follow us out on Instagram for daily updates and check out our website for some tasty garms. And stay safe. It's a dangerous world out there for a Yogurt Picker.

All love,

The Guys at Yogurt Xx

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